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Making a smoked beer is not easy at all. You need to find the perfect balance in the recipe not to cover all the delicate flavors inside the bottle. Smoked beers are gaining always more popularity thanks to the desire to experiment, a feature sought after by many craft beer enthusiasts. At the same time, craft breweries as Birra Flea are willing to step up their game, leading to the constant search for novelty with natural ingredients, a short food chain and zero kilometer values. In this case, our challenge was to make the smoky sparkle not a flavor, but an aroma.

Our smoked beer is named after the cousin of Frederick II’s wife: Anais. A name that, like its taste, brings to mind the typical spices of the Near East. Available in both 33 cl and 75 cl sizes, it boasts an aftertaste of caramel and hazelnut given by the use of special malts. Its foam is compact, creamy and adherent. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, top fermented and refermented in the bottle. It owes its flavor to a particular smoked malt and a peculiar roasting. Anais is unique in the panorama of craft spiced beers not only in Italy but throughout the world.

Is there any little secret to enjoy a smoked beer at its best? Of course there is! For example, it is good to serve it cold but not as just out of the fridge. Smoked beers are indeed sweet and quite full-bodied at the same time, so you can best enjoy them at a slightly warmer temperature than other beers.

When trying a smoked beer for the first time, don’t rush to judge. The first sip will impress you with the spicy and smoky character of the beer. To savor every nuance of a smoked beer you need to get to at least the third sip.

What is the best season to enjoy a smoked beer? Simple: all of them. In autumn and winter it goes best with the typical rich recipes of the cold months, while in spring and summer it enriches and gives an extra thrill to lighter meals such as summer salads or cheese aperitifs.

Now all you have to do is one thing: taste it, cheers!


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