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Gualdo Tadino is not just the location of our brewery, it’s the center of our Universe. It’s where our adventure began and where it still goes on with the same passion and dedication that distinguished Flea from the beginning.

Everything we do is inspired by the places that surround us, from the ingredients to the names of the Flea beers. And from today, their representations too.

This year we decided to give new faces to the 10 Flea beers. Of course we could only do that underlining once again the bond with our territory. For this reason, all the models were rigorously chosen from our region: Umbria. Like the barley used to make our beers comes from our land, the people of our small but wonderful region also contribute to make our identity. Even the staff is 100% Umbrian. Their precious work contributed to the realization of a new beautiful face for each beer.

The accuracy of their work is indescribable, the clothes of the characters take us back to the 14th Century and they perfectly fit the social status of the figure interpreted.
So Anais will have an Oriental charm, Frederick II a royal style, Bastola the appearance of a witch, Bianca Lancia the elegance of the aristocracy, and so on.

Do you like the new representations of our characters? Let us know on our Facebook and Instagram pages!


Make up: Ninfea Beauty & Wellness e francescaerre_mua

Hairstylist: hairstylingdafranca_

Jewels: lupielisabetta

Costumes: gelsicostumidarte

Photographer: Tatiana Minelli

We would like to thank the Municipality of Gualdo Tadino for kindly allowing us to set the photoshoot at the beautiful Rocca Flea.

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