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A unique place,
rich in farming culture,
stories of ladies and heroes,
folklore and natural resources.

Gualdo Tadino is all of it, it is the womb of our conceptions.

History of…

Research and tradition,
Passion and love.

Our precious barley has its roots in a story that comes from afar.

Emperor Frederick II visited Gualdo Tadino around 1242, during his dispute with the Papacy, when he found the loyal Ghibelline town of Gualdo destroyed after a terrible fire.

Touched by the fate of the allied town, the Emperor showed his generosity by building new city walls. He personally laid the first stone of the renovated “Flea Castel”. Furthermore, “he rode his horse around this land, and sowed with his own hands wheat, barley, spelt, broad beans, millet and other oils; he asked the Almighty to help the Castle grow and the people multiply, and to ensure them food and an everlasting safety”. (Chronicon)

Nowadays, Birra Artigianale Flea originates from the well-known waters of Gualdo Tadino and the seeds sown by Emperor Frederick II many centuries ago.

Matteo and Maria Cristina have a strong passion for local stories about heroes, ladies and witches, and decided to name beers after these people:

Anais, Adelaide, Bastola, Bianca Lancia, Costanza, Federico II, Federico II EXTRA, Margherita e Violante.

Water, air, barley.


Our concept is easy:

Enhancement of the territory and therefore of raw materials with a short supply chain.

The result?

Unique craft beers


Genuine and high quality raw materials, high production and hygienic standards, innovation without giving up craftsmanship.

Two-row barley

A precious, almost local, cereal grown in the family farm.

Pure water

The water we use to produce all our beers naturally flows close to Monte Serrasanta and is transported to our brewery.


Hops, yeast and sugar are purchased directly from selected suppliers and in line with our ideals.