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Flea Universe

Artisan revolution

Incubator of ideas and artisan realities

Our building houses not only a brewery, but a Universe!

The 6000 sq.m. of Flea Universe are a container of companies. As planets, our activities are multiple, each one linked and connected to the other in a symbiotic exchange. All the companies coexisting in the building work together to achieve a common goal. Even if they deal with different fields and have different areas of expertise, they all move towards the same direction, in a revolutionary motion but at the same time attracted by the same sun. Our goal is to provide the best solution, always with attention and a particular sensitivity to our planet.

Our diamond tip

Flea craft brewery

It is the flagship of our companies. Our product and production process are totally handcrafted, yet the brewery owns a latest generation plant, installed in 2020, capable of guaranteeing high quality standards and very important production figures.

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70.000 Hectoliters

It is the quantity of craft beer that we produce in a year.

4 million

The bottles leaving our brewery, that we ship worldwide.

20.000 kg

The two-row barley that we grow, harvest and use.

10.000 kg

Hops selected one by one by certified suppliers.

Umbrian Artisan Dairy.

E’ il fiore all’occhiello delle nostre Aziende che, pur mantenendo il prodotto e la sua lavorazione totalmente artigianale, possiede un impianto di ultimissima generazione, installato nel 2020, in grado di garantire alti standard qualitativi e numeri di produzione molto importanti.

  • 70.000 ettolitri di birra prodotti ogni anno
  • 4.000.000 di bottiglie utilizzate
  • 20.000 kg di orzo distico coltivato, raccolto e poi utilizzato
  • 10.000 kg di luppoli selezionati e raccolti con cura

Yes, we have a padel court on the rooftop.

Panoramic court

The panoramic court is designed to allow a 360 degree view. This feature allows the spectator to project himself directly onto the pitch.

12 meters from the ground

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Private changing rooms, relaxation area and café

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Towards a digital future. Cryptocurrency.

We firmly believe that the economic future also passes through digital currencies. For this reason, since 2018, we have invested and installed a Crypto Farm with great computing power in our brewery!