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Who was Federico II? Emperor Frederick II has been called “Stupor Mundi” (“the wonder of the world”) “a forerunner of the Renaissance” by a contemporary chronicler. His fate was constantly linked to that of the Italian peninsula and especially with that of the loyal Ghibelline town of Gualdo Tadino. Frederick II gave to the town a new urban pattern and shaped its history for centuries to come.
Birra Artigianale Flea

Federico II extra - IPA

(India Pale Ale)

Pure malt ale, brewed with 100% barley malt. Federico II Extra has a defined bitterness and a herbaceous aftertaste due to the use of selected hops and dry hopping. Its head is thick, creamy and adherent. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, top-fermented and second fermentation in the bottle.

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Water of Gualdo Tadino, barley malt, yeasts and hops (cascade, chinook).

Natural yeast sediment at the bottom of the bottle is an indicator of its craftsmanship.


Features and recognition

24 EBC

Available formats
  • Glass bottle 75 cl., 33 cl.
  • Plastic keg 15 lt., 20 lt.
Beer measurement
  • Degrees Plato (°P) 16,5
  • Alcohol content 6,6% vol.
  • Serving temperature6-8° C.
  • Degrees IBU 50
We recommend serving Federico II Extra cold in a “Sestriere” Pint glass.
Suggested food pairings: the bitterness and the aromatic notes of Federico II Extra blend together in a lovely contrast of flavours if accompanied by grilled meats, dried fruit and seasoned cheeses. They well enhance its decisive soul. Federico II Extra proves to be an ideal pairing with desserts such as cheesecake, crème brûlée or carrot cake.