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Who was Bastola? Several legends and traditions related to the town of Gualdo Tadino are linked to a woman known as “Bastola”. According to many medieval chronicles, she was the person responsible for the fire that destroyed the town in the thirteenth century; Gualdo was then rebuilt thanks to Frederick II’s urban plan. Poets, artists, writers and historians described Bastola as a witch, an evil being, a lost soul, a spy or a seductive enchantress. Even in present days, at the end of the celebrations of our medieval festival, her evil figure and her execution at the stake are commemorated.
Birra Artigianale Flea

Bastola - Imperial Red Ale

Pure malt amber ale, brewed with 100% barley malt. Bastola is a dry beer with an intense taste and a slight bitterness, furthermore it has a caramel and hazelnut aftertaste due to the use of special malts. Its head is thick, creamy and adherent. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, top-fermentedand and second fermentation in the bottle.

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Water of Gualdo Tadino, barley malt, hops, yeasts, sugar cane.

Natural yeast sediment at the bottom of the bottle is an indicator of its craftsmanship.


Features and recognition

23 EBC

Available formats
  • Glass bottle 75 cl., 33 cl., 150 cl.
  • Plastic keg 15 lt., 20 lt.
Beer measurement
  • Degrees Plato (°P) 16,5
  • Alcohol content 6,9% vol.
  • Serving temperature 10-12° C.
  • Degrees IBU 25
We recommend serving Bastola not too cold in a “Strong” stemmed beer glass
Suggested food pairings: the dry and slightly bitter taste of Bastola matches with tasty pasta and risotto dishes, red and game meat. Bastola is also a good match for chocolate desserts.