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Summer means many things: end of school for the kids, the beginning of the warm months, short-sleeved shirts, air conditioning or fans, swimming in the sea or in the pool, sunbathing, aperitifs. The question that arises spontaneously is: which types of craft beer are the most suitable for our summer nights? We decided to solve this problem for you with a short but effective guide of our best summer craft beers.

Obviously there are no summer beers that are good for everyone. Our intent is to recommend light, drinkable beers with a low alcohol content as these characteristics make them particularly suitable for the warmest season.


If there ever was a beer made especially for the summer, this is our Blanche beer. It has a fresh, very fruity, slightly bitter flavor and a hazy straw yellow color. It is a delight for aperitifs due to its low alcohol content of 5.0% vol. and it’s the perfect match for your favorite seafood dishes. Try it with sushi!


Our refreshing Blonde Ale is the ideal partner for salads, of every type and for every taste: from the classic panzanella, to the famous Caesar salad, to the one rich in proteins such as legumes. The initial sweetness of malt is well balanced with the ingredients we most like to add, while the hops aroma complements the freshness of lettuce. Costanza has a low alcohol content (5.2% vol.) and a soft flavor with a well balanced touch of bitterness. If, on the other hand, you are a cans’ lover, you should try our Blonde Ale “Alba” from the Big Bang Beer line.


Flea’s Golden Ale is an excellent summer thirst quencher, thanks to its moderate alcohol content (5.9% vol), balanced bitterness and dry aftertaste. Not only that, Federico II is perfect for those dishes that we love to eat in summer, in particular grilled fish or grilled vegetables and meat. Watchword: barbecue!


The bitter and international soul of our APA is excellent especially when served with foods such as burgers, tacos or kebabs. But thanks to its versatility, its excellent drinkability given by its low alcohol content (4.9% vol), you can also have Adelaide on its own to be able to enjoy the fresh notes of hops and its pleasant fragrance to the fullest.


It would be impossible not to mention our Weiss Margherita. Its light golden color recalls the barley where it comes from. Its fresh and clean aftertaste make Margherita a perfect match with many dishes. Its alcohol content of 5.2% vol. makes it drinkable and suitable to be tasted in the company of quick dishes such as salads, starters as cured meats and aged cheeses for a complete and substantial aperitif.


You know who says that gluten free beers are only for those allergic to gluten? Well, these people most likely have never tasted Isabella. Our beer with a gluten content of less than 20ppm (Reg. UE 828/2014), does not taste different than other beers, and if it were not written on the label no one would notice it. Your summer dishes will be enhanced by the dry, fruity, bitter and well balanced flavor of Isabella. Its alcohol content of 4.9% vol. makes it perfect at any time of the day.

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