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Today we want to introduce a new format named “The Interview”. We will periodically report questions and answers from the main characters of our creative and productive hub which make us really proud. As widely described in the previous article about Flea Universe, we are not simply referring to the brewing world, but to a container of activities coexisting in the same building and ranging from the food sector to green energy, passing through cosmetics. We want to inaugurate the format with Stefano Trinei, the owner of the homonym dairy, who joins our project to combine Umbrian excellences in a unique world following a unique thought. Together with Stefano, we are going to describe, for those who do not know him yet, the birth of his dairy, we are going to tell stories and describe his path in the agricultural and business sector.

Stefano, your dairy business is very young as you are. How did you come up with the idea of ​​taking on this challenge?

It was quite a challenge. The farm was born in 2012 out of passion, especially of my father, for this fascinating, complex and delicate sector. We initially had no skills, but we decided to undertake this path starting from scratch. My brother Fulvio helped us and followed our company from the beginning. Fortunately the area where we live offers an absolutely suitable territory for grazing cattle. After completing my economics studies, I decided to throw myself totally into the company. Livestock farming was born hand in hand with the idea of ​​producing milk and cheese: we started with 16 animals, in a stable on the hills of Casacastalda, in Monte della Dea. One of our cows was named after this land, in honor of our roots: Dea, together with Fisichella, Wanda and Dolcina. It is important for us to create a bond with animals and make them known to our customers as members of our family. A happy animal offers you a quality product made with the same love that you show him.

How was the first approach to your cows?

My family and I have always been passionate about nature and animals. So it wasn’t that hard to me to tune into cows. Before the opening of the first laboratory I tried milking. It is a beautiful art that requires not only manual skills but also respect for the animal, who must feel safe and trust you to give you what is most precious to him. Now the laboratory is at full capacity and we have reached the maximum number of 70 cows. The barn is completely automated, with very low impact for the stress of the animals and each cow is individually controlled and fed with a personalized diet depending on the his daily milk production. In short the barn manages itself, facilitating the control over the cattle and speed in milk production. The innovation in farming technology is perfectly combined with craftsmanship in order to enhance the quality of our products.

So, after gaining some experience, you quickly made yourself known in this world. When did you open your first laboratory / store and what are your prospects now?

Our first shop with an adjoining laboratory was born in 2016, therefore after 4 years of experience in the world of breeding. As I mentioned, it was a totally new world for us. Initially we were only 4 people managing the whole activity, from animal care and the management of the laboratory to customer sales. All my coworkers have grown professionally with me and the business, as work became more demanding. Everyone has been driven by passion and it allowed us to reach important numbers in a short time, in terms of milk production and on a commercial level. So we opened 2 other stores. We are currently present in the province of Perugia: here in Gualdo Tadino, in Gubbio and in the city of Perugia. Now we have reached a turning point: our laboratory is no longer able to deal with the great amount of work. The number of our employees has grown to 10 people, most of them under 35 years old, all passionate and with heads on their shoulders. We have grown together in the sector and we are ready for a new challenge and a great revolution. From now on our market will change as well, therefore the structure we are completing will allow us to face the great demand of products.

What are “Caseificio Trinei” products that we can taste and why should we choose an artisan product?

We would like to remind that what we currently produce fully respects the short supply chain. The milk of our cows comes from a controlled breeding in Umbrian hills. For this reason we wanted to use the claim: “from our cows to your table”. Therefore our products are made with unpasteurized milk which thus maintains all the organoleptic properties, guaranteeing a unique flavor. We produce many types of caciotta cheese: cow, soft cheese, mixed and spiced with different aromas. Varied flavors of creamy yogurt and kefir. Raw and unpasteurized milk is also employed in the making of “pasta filata” cheese, worked on steal tub and wooden stick, as tradition dictates. We produce mozzarella with a classic shape but also delicious knots, braids, mozzarella for pizza, scamorza and soft cheese such as ricotta, stracchino and primo sale. Sheeps’ milk used in the mixed products comes from Umbrian farms, according to the availability of the period. To answer the question of why to choose an artisanal product, let me tell you that first of all quality is the primary and most obvious reason. Like I said, the product worked with controlled raw materials and with artisanal methods maintain all the organoleptic properties. Another reason is the safety of our products: we are sure to create products with raw materials coming exclusively from our breeding or from the territory close to us. Following the process from the raw material to the finished product is certainly what makes us different.

Finally, what were the reasons that convinced you to join Flea Universe?

I have always followed Matteo’s activities even though I didn’t know him personally at first. I have often recommended combinations with Flea Beer in my packages, which I suggest to try. His ambitious idea of ​​creating this great production center immediately caught my attention. As I told you, we had reached a point where transforming milk was difficult and our laboratory had reached its limit. So we felt the need to make a quantum leap both from a production and an organizational point of view. I have always valued Matteo’s projects and I find it interesting to unite artisan producers to create one big family. I am a great admirer of all companies in the area, I find in each of them the potential to grow and make local crafts great.

If you want to try the products of “Caseificio Trinei” here’s the contact details. Try them to believe everything we told you:

T1: 335 659 2472

T2: 334 283 8221[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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