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Being a traveler means being brave. A trip is not just a matter of time. Taking a trip to a distant place means questioning habits, ideas, ways of life. We leave with certainties, we come back without. We grow up, we discover passions and sensibilities that we didn’t know before.

Each trip knows flavors that only belong to their places. Unique, indescribable. A situation lived in different places does not have the same vivacity. It would be impossible. Because the air itself makes everything different. The air of the places that once belonged to the ancient Romans is not the same as the air of the pharaohs, samurai, Druids, Maya. All other differences are a logical consequence.

Only those who are not afraid to explore new cultures can internalize an idea that only a small elite can understand: freedom. Freedom not to be slaves of pre-established, moral schemes. Freedom not to fall into the state of the slave who loves his chains.

Sans Papiers was born from this awareness. Each corner of the world has its own aroma and the air has a different shade. The more we experience, the more our soul becomes truly free. This is why Sans Papiers is not just a drink. It is a unique experience, never attempted before: enclosing the fragrance of free air in the divine drink par excellence: beer.

“I come from everywhere. I’m enriched by places, seasons, winds.

I live in every flow, in every breath. I carry colors, flavors, and sound from every part of the world.

Discover me in a fresh sip that has the true taste of freedom.”

If Sans Papiers could speak, it would tell you that it is everything your instincts and hopes have always wanted: to experience freedom.

Sans Papiers is made with a revolutionary machine that draws water from the humidity in the air. It can be purchased directly at

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Freedom is there, at your fingertips. Are you ready to take it?

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