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“Getting together is a beginning, sticking together a progress, working together a success”

We won’t talk about sports, or at least not what you think about. We will not talk about legend, that is clear and evident to everyone. We won’t talk about heart-pounding nights cheering on the favourite loving team or crying for joy in a parade of light blue flags. We will talk about a man, a professional, a testimonial, but above all a friend. Marco for Flea is all of this, legend yes, but always with the soul of those who know how to listen, talk, get involved, find the right ways to success. We started the article with a sentence that perfectly fits the couple Matteo and Maria Cristina and their business and personal evolution, above all related to the first meeting with Marco Materazzi that made Birra Flea brand successful whole over the world . As we have anticipated, this, before being a paper on the strictly business relationship with an illustrious exponent of world football, is above all the story of a friendship, of a true and sincere relationship between the Minelli family, especially Matteo, and Marco Materazzi.

Matteo and Marco met for the first time at a business dinner in Perugia and, between a bite and a chat with common knowledge, they presented themselves for the first time. It was the year 2015. It is not obvious to say how much the emotion runs in certain moments, when you find yourself in front of a great sportsman who, beyond the club-level beliefs, is the symbol and banner of a winning and combative Italy that unites us all. Matteo immediately saw in Marco a prepared person, not at all presumptuous guy despite the palmares, with a great desire to get involved again from other points of view. They found many common passions, such as sport. We have promised you not to talk about the sport you are thinking about, and we will not even tell you which team fanatically Matteo supports. We will only tell you that it has white instead of blue. All to say from the point of view of the daily teasing among them. However, we will talk about a particular sport, known in Italy for a short time, but which has recently taken hold in an important way: Paddle. What is Paddle? It is a game similar to tennis, with a smaller field surrounded by glass and grids with which you can interact and play directly ‘on the bank’. Exhausting, but a real cure-all to release the tension. This common passion still sees them engaged at almost manic levels.

Since 2015, an affinity has developed between Marco and Matteo that goes beyond the purely agonistic aspect; Matteo found in Marco the perfect testimonial to give his beer a gutsy, strong, empathetic image, through one of the most popular characters in Italy, through a world champion. A champion who has proven to be a story not only in his professional career, but also from a human point of view. Marco is a real person, with strong values, very close to his family and in love with his wife and his beautiful children, with whom he shares the passion to travel, to discover the world. But each trip then brings him back home, to his beloved Umbria. Here is the missing link, the modern hero capable of uniting all areas, from sport to the world of entrepreneurship, with strength, tenacity and values. A contemporary figure of strong charisma that perfectly fits with our heroes of the past and, above all, in love with our territory. Marco, with his presence, brings Birra Flea to the table of our days, brings the product to our times, made up of successes, real people, champions like him.

When the relationship between Marco and Matteo became confidential, Matteo decided to personally expose the project to him: that of becoming the modern image of his beer. An important proposal, since the business had just started and Birra Flea shyly faced to the world of the biggest of the sector and still lacking a working group to deal with marketing ideas. It was almost a leap in the dark at first, but with the awareness that only those who dare can hope to achieve results. A proposal based on trust but which was then repaid by taking root all over the world. Marco accepted, as a beer lover and a challenges enthusiast he is and, from 2015 until today, his presence, his availability and respect for the delicate role that was entrusted to him has never been lacking, always putting all of himself with passion and friendship and considering himself a partner of the company in all respects. That enthusiasm and strength that allowed us to make great strides in a short time. Not only he granted his image but he also gave us the opportunity to get to know many restaurateurs, his friends, owners of clubs, all top quality, where Birra Flea is now sold and tasted; customers can identify in him a quality guarantee and this is then reflected on the product that he sponsors and feels his own. Marco has not only given a face to our company, but he has always helped us on many working ideas that have made our bond, day after day, stronger and stronger.

His kindness was not lacking even when it was decided to insert his image in the advertisements together with the medieval heroes; the Marimo agency, that followed our communication at the time, took care of its debut in Flea and carried out numerous shooting sessions to immortalize and make the visual impact of the product legendary. These graphics accompanied us during fairs, exhibitions and events all over the world, together with the creation of a video made with the best editing techniques that we still feel current. We all cannot but thank Marco Materazzi because he puts his face on us every day, as he did as a footballer and as an entrepreneur today, contributing daily to make Birra Flea brand stand out in Italy and all over the world, with his know-how as a true champion.

There are intriguing projects for the near future with Marco and Matteo as protagonists, we do not reveal anything, it’s gonna be a great surprise!

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