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Since Sunday, September 6, you can watch our great little masterpiece on Sky Italia channels and enjoy a tale about the beauty of our craft beer and the philosophy that hides behind. The main characters are Matteo Minelli and Marco Materazzi, who proved his great acting skills. Nonna Maria is the real deal, reminding us that there is only one Ma.Ma. out there!
Behind the scenes, but essential as director, our dear friend Marco Bocci. We would like to thank him and Capri Entertainment agency for the eccellent job.
Ma.Ma. is our beer for large-scale distribution born in 2014. Just as the raw materials are the children of our land, the name of the beer is also strongly linked to our history. It comes from the first syllable of Matteo and Maria Cristina’s children: Matilde and Mattia. The recipe is simpler than other Flea beers but the quality and craftsmanship are just the same.
Ma.Ma. beer comes in five types: Weiss, Ipa, Blonde, Red, Gluten free. They are all re-fermented in the bottle in order to preserve the original organoleptic features, without the addition of preservatives and chemical additives. You can shop directly on our website at
We would really appreciate if you could leave a review about our beer. You just need to visit our Facebook page and let us know what you think in the “reviews” section. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

And now some backstage shots! Pictures have been taken in full complicance with anti-covid protocols for film and television production industry.

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