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After the great success of last year, “GualdoCamp 2021 – United we win” not only returns, but it becomes a bigger and more concrete reality in the regional and national panorama. The summer campus of Gualdo Tadino conceived twelve months ago by Matteo Minelli, will start on Monday 14 June at the municipal stadium C.A. Luzi. It will last until Friday 6 August, effectively doubling its duration compared to 2020. Girls and boys aged from 6 to 15 years old can participate totally free of charge. Registrations are already open.

The strong and positive impact on the territory that the CAMP has brought last year has attracted not only the attention of the FIGC and CONI in the person of the regional president Ignozza, but also that of local institutions. Hence the collaboration with many realities, from the municipal administration to the Comprehensive Institute of Gualdo Tadino through Ecosuntek S.p.A., Birra Flea and the major city sports associations. The campus also received the patronage of the Municipality of Gualdo Tadino and the Cassa di Risparmio di Perugia Foundation.

The presentation took place on Wednesday 9 June at the Luzi stadium in Gualdo Tadino. Diego Pascolini – Financial Director of the Ecosuntek group – represented Ecosuntek S.p.A. and Birra Flea, financiers of the project: “We want to create a larger and more stable project over time in order to channel the many energies we have in this city”. The President of the Comprehensive Institute of Gualdo Tadino Fabrizio Bisciaio, stressed the importance of rediscovering the sociality rooted and inserted in the territory by involving all the city realities, giving back to the children what has been taken from them in these difficult months. The President of the Umbrian section of Coni Domenico Ignozza, thanked all those who will allow the children to do sport and culture, an indissoluble combination. The mayor of Gualdo Tadino Massimiliano Presciutti, recalled how much the cultural and sports associations of the city are a heritage for the whole city and, citing the name of the campus, how you can win when you value what unites.

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