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Do you remember that time when you wanted to get the perfect gift for your gluten-intolerant friend and you didn’t know what to do? Birra Flea and Ma.Ma. offer you a high quality solution that will make your friend remember for a long time.

Our beer Isabella contains less than 20 ppm of gluten, it is specifically formulated for people intolerant to gluten. It takes its name from the daughter of the King of England John Lackland, literature remembers him as Robin Hood’s bitter enemy. She was the third wife of Frederick II. They had a “marriage of peace”, also hoped for by Pope Gregory IX. All the chroniclers celebrated her beauty and her indescribable grace, when Federico saw her, he loved her beyond belief.

It is a straw-yellow colored beer produced with barley and wheat malt. It has a dry, well-balanced and persistent bitter taste. The foam is compact, creamy and adherent. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, high fermentation and refermented in the bottle. Isabella’s fruity scent and delicacy on the palate perfectly go with salads and light appetizers. It is an excellent substitute for prosecco during happy hour. You can purchase Isabella (33 or 75 cl) directly on our website.

If you prefer Ma.Ma. there is no problem, you can get the Gluten Free version. If you don’t know where you can find it, just click on this link.

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