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In our thinking every day represents a stimulus to achieve a new goal that, even if small, can make our ideas come true and make our beer unique, alive and pure!

Concerning our craft beer production, our attention does not simply focuses on the aspect of using excellent quality raw materials although it is essential for us, but it is equally important to us broadening the concept by trying to “get” everyone focuses on 3 fundamental aspects:

The taste, the main sense with which every Food & Beverage producer has to deal with to make the fruit of his work  appreciated and respectful of the golden rules; a good to drink Craft Beer made with respect and continuous research of raw materials, makes the difference. The mind, travelling through the traditions and culture of our territory, seeks a psychological and emotional bond with people projecting the sincere and transparent soul of those who created the product into the product itself. And finally the heart, through the visual and real beauty that this Umbrian land gives us at every sunrise. In short, every beer must have its own story made of dreams and letters, to leave a mark on the palate, on the mind and on the heart that is not ephemeral but long lasting.

As we anticipated in our article dedicated to the corporate’s image, another idea came to life (in all senses): each type of Flea Beer has a face, a hero, a physical person who represents the missing piece between history and current affairs. We talked about Marimo, the agency that first had this intuition then shared by Matteo and Maria Cristina. In fact, the first four beers are the result of the search for beautiful characters, historically suitable and perfectly interpreted. The result was an image with a strong emotional impact, with traditional costumes in chromatic line with the labels’ colors and with a light make-up in order to shorten the timeline and fit better into the current context. The four models were joined by another crucial figure of our  ‘life in Flea’, a modern hero who later has become our Brand Ambassador, Marco Materazzi. Marco defined the framework of the first heroes: four medieval heroes and a modern one, the perfect link to combine ancient history to  the history of our days. We will dedicate an article about our ‘partner’ testimonial, with anecdotes and curiosities that made us meet him and from that moment on never leave him.

Although  the characters proposed and concretized by Marimo were wonderful we did not feel them as “close” as we imagined; a beer which speaks continuously about the history of our territory needed heroes who reflected the light of our roots. We thus identified some of the beauties living in our city, imagining each of them in the role of one beer . Their availability was immediate and this allowed us to add another piece in order to create a craft beer almost entirely “Made in Gualdo”. Maria, Pamela, Alessandra, Vanessa, Alessia here are their names; we thank them inifinitly for having embellished, with their magnificent traits, the history and emotions of our beers! One of the satisfactions we had, in fact, was to perceive their enthusiasm in being part of this project where each of them had the task of dressing the character of a lady, a daughter, a wife, a lover of Emperor Frederick II. Let’s know them better:

Pamela: her refinement and her bold gaze are perfect to represent our APA “Adelaide”  the lover of Federico II, a light beer with a low alcohol content  but at the same time with a taste of a great  tenacity given by the use of Americans hops.

Maria: her beauty and kind gaze represent for us one of our most delicate beer but also one of the most indicated to gain a good space on the market. She is  the Gluten Free “Isabella“, the third wife of the Swabia’s Emperor.

Alessandra: with her deep, cheeky and confident gaze she is perfect in the guise of “Violante“, the Federico’s devoted daughter. A Belgian Strong Ale beer with a remarkable alcohol content.

Vanessa: her elegant features and her sweet and penetrating blue eyes represent at best the delicate taste of our Weiss “Margherita“,  the legitimate daughter of the emperor.

And finally the magnetic and intense gaze of Alessia is perfect to represent our latest born “Anais” another  Federico’s lover, a Smoked beer whose smoked and persistent flavor lasts very pleasant on the palate.

Even on this journey we never felt alone. Many professional figures gave us their precious contribution: starting with those who took care of th hair of our Ladies through the creation of accurate hairstyles similar to the historical medieval period, such as hairdressers Marco and Laura Giombini, Roberta Anderlini and Elisa Lucarelli. In particular, Elisa, as head of the Historic Procession of the Porta San Donato, dressed some of our ladies with some of their most beautiful clothes; a heartfelt thanks to her and to the whole Porta.  Then there was of the Bouenérgie beauty center and their work of  make-up artist that  through a light but elegant make-up have exalted  the natural beauty that characterizes each lady. Here below you find some of the images from the backstage of that demanding but above all pleasant days where thanks to the teamwork, a collective enthusiasm and a precious collaboration we have obtained great results. And now,  you just need to have a look to start tasting our Beer even before placing your lips on it.

To check our coherence to what we are telling you about, do continue to follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts! Other beauties from Gualdo are going to join us ready to shine among the other heroes! Stay tuned!

“But what is woman? Only one of Nature’s agreeable blunders”

(Hannah Cowley)

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