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A craft brewery based on the short food chain usually explains itself through figures, laws and statistics. All the above are extremely true and experts would understand them immediately. Anyway, in our opinion it is not the best approach. Cold data could never tell all the warmth, love and passion behind our production. Therefore the whole point is: it’s not about brewing one way rather than another, it is about having a vision of the world and bringing our daily experience into everyone’s homes.

When Maria Cristina and Matteo Minelli inaugurated the brewery in 2013 they knew they had an immense treasure that they wanted to share with all the people willing to welcome it: Gualdo Tadino. It is not simply a matter of residence, domicile or registry office. Being from Gualdo Tadino means being born and raised surrounded by greenery. It means getting up every day set in the beauty of nature: from the shining sun rays to the many ingredients that grow around the city.

Anyone living in a place so beautiful that it seems right out of a movie, can only start from there to make something new and innovative. The short supply chain and the zero kilometres are Gualdo Tadino’s daily bases. Technically they are not the same thing. The expression “zero kilometres” refers to the geographical area in which the product is born.  Having a short food chain means that the production chain has few steps. We aim to make the most of what nature give us, so it was a natural choice to follow both these paths. The consequence is that all our products have an extremely high quality. Barley is grown and harvested in our family farm. Hops, yeasts and sugar are purchased exclusively from selected suppliers. Even water is not left to chance: we only use the purest water that flows close to the Apennines.

Our purpose is to take our genuiness to our customer’s home, also to those living far away. As such we chose to be an Umbrian indipendent craft brewery. We are artisan because we do not pasteurize nor filter our beer. Why shoud we do that when the raw material that nature provides us is so extraordinary and rich in flavor? We prefer the refermentation in the bottle in order to preserve the original characteristics of the ingredients as much as possible, with no chemical additives or preservatives. Independent because both from a legal and economic point of view we are independent from any other brewery and we do not operate under the license of a large industrial group. Umbrian because we proudly carry the name of our region and its wonders.

For us “Cruda e pura” (raw and pure) is not a slogan, but a lifestyle.


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