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The bond between Flea Universe and its territory could not be stronger. Flea, as in beers and olive oil, was born and raised exactly because it could always rely on a resource as beautiful and precious as the green that surrounds it. And like every part of Italy, Umbria also has its traditions. They have been passed on for more generations than we can count.

One of these, and probably one of the most important ones, is certainly the olive harvest between the end of October and the beginning of November. Like many other children, the founder of Birra Flea, Matteo Minelli, began to do his part as a child. Yes, because the olive harvest is an activity that involves everyone, from the oldest to the youngest. Thus, under the guidance of grandfather Vittorio, young Matteo learned this art that never goes out of style. Everyone wears layers of clothes to be comfortable for the hottest hours but also protected when it starts to get cold. Plus a nice pair of gloves is necessary not to damage your hands. The tallest can pick olives directly from the highest branches, otherwise a ladder cand definitely help. It is an opportunity to spend time together and, at the same time, it is better than any gym workout.

Did you wonder whether Matteo has been somehow inspired by those two hectares of olive groves just outside Gualdo Tadino? Flea virgin oil is obtained exclusively from olives harvested and selected locally. They are processed with the cold pressing system at Frantoio Loreti, equipped with an innovative mechanical system. Any chemical means or process is not an option in order to guarantee integrity and excellent conservation. Therefore Flea olive oil is proud to be an Italian product, rich of Vitamin E, beta carotene and polyphenols.  Thanks to their antioxidant properties, they protect the body’s cells from inflammatory processes and cellular aging. Our olives and our oil perfectly match Flea philosophy and values: valorisation of the territory, tradition combined with innovation, eco-sustainability and constant search for quality. Flea oil was introduced in Gambero Rosso’s 2019 Italian Oils Guide and awarded with Three Green Leaves.

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