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What is Universe? If we quote an astronomic definition “The universe is all of the space and time and their contents, including planets, stars galaxies and all other forms of matter and energy”. We borrowed this term from the science in order to tell you about our space, our “complex”. Briefly speaking, Flea Universe is a mix of activities, different or similar one to another which share the space where they grow up ( that is the new Flea’s brewery) and the aim that is the unlimited will for innovation. Similar to the universe’s matter which changes constantly, the Flea Universe wants to be a creative pole in continuous movement and expansion with a complete range of services and leisure able to satisfy and offer to our visitors or our customers a special experience in between tradition and modernity.  Modernity lies in the technological aspect of the new brewery with its architecturally complex structure (3,000 square meters), the use of  cutting-edge systems, the numerous comforts and large space at the ground floor dedicated to the beer production that we value around to 65,000 liters per year. On the other end, tradition is everywhere in front of you; just open your eyes and have a look to the greenery of our area surrounded by the quiet. Finally, from the top floor terrace enjoy the breathtaking view of the ancient city of Gualdo  with its bell tower, its rural spaces and its mountains. 

We have summed up our Universe in a single logo which font becomes wide from narrow, as if it were a perspective in constant expansion and metamorphosis. The spheres that revolve around are our companies, everyone has its color belonging to its area of competence. All the spheres  are randomly attracted and connected each other and driven by imperceptible vectors that, like force fields, attract the planets inside the Universe itself.  Finally, the Flea Logo,  the common thread  and material container that embraces and delimits all the elements with its perfect circle. 

The sectors and the colors of the Flea Universe are represented as follows: BEVERAGE (yellow), FOOD (red), GREEN ECONOMY (green), BEAUTY (pink), INVESTMENTS (blue) and BUILDING (grey). In details, concerning the BEVERAGE there are the production and the administration of Birra Flea,  Sans Papier (the first craft beer produced in an ecological way because made of air) and Anonima Distillazioni (production and selling of craft organic spirits of hight quality). As regards to the Food sector there is the restaurant “120 Grammi” a factory hamburger (craft hamburger gourmet which pairs perfectly with our beers) and the “Caseificio Trinei” (a young and dynamic dairy company based on innovation and tradition). As for GREEN ENERGY there are the headquarters of Ecosuntek S.p.a and Eco Trade Srl both consolidated economic realities in the renewable  energy sector. Moreover, there is the administration of Dermorevita for the BEAUTY SECTOR, a young and dynamic company which produces natural and organic cosmetics made of donkey milk and snail slime. The E-Box Group is related to the INVESTIMENTS  sector, the company was born from the will of important businessmen operating in different market sectors. Finally, for  the BUILDING  field, there is the historical activity of Vittorio Rondelli Edilizia which is still  the fulcrum, the history and  the lung of our complex, a company that has been offering its service since 1962! 

Our Universe is therefore a huge business hub, an incubator of ideas that find outlet. Like the planets our activities are manifold, each linked and connected in a symbiotic exchange. All the companies coexist in the same building and work in synergy to achieve a common goal. Even if they deal with different areas and competences, they all go in the same direction  in a revolutionary movement but, at the same time they are all attracted by the same Sun. Our common  goal is to provide the best solution  with a particular attention and sensitivity towards our planet. Because it is not only a Universe, it is above all “UNI-VERSO GLI ALTRI” (in italian “uni verso gli altri”  means  “one to each other”). We really care about this slogan because our companies have always worked in synergy, helping each other concretely and providing assistance and complementarity.

Our common idea is particularly linked to the environmental question. Our main company, Ecosuntek represents one of the most growing economic realities in the renewable energy sector. For this reason, the new Flea brewery has been developed taking into account the most modern thermal insulation techniques, which contribute to optimizing the energy performance of the building  with a consequent saving of economic resources and significant advantages from an environmental point of view. In fact, there is 430 kW  photovoltaic system  installed in the roof top of the brewery. Another innovation is the installation of a biogas plant, in the adjacent land, close to the building, thanks to which the waste from the processing of the beer itself can be recovered to produce additional electric energy and heat production. An increasingly “green” thought which the company is determined to carry on and that will allow the brewery  to become completely autonomous and self-sufficient from an energetic point of view, with a sensitive look towards the environmental benefits that derive from it.

When we talked about leisure we were not kidding: the Flea brewery has a Padel field on the attic to enjoy the fresh air and the landscape of our Umbrian hills, guest rooms for a complete relaxing experience, the opportunity to eat excellent food and the possibility of tapping fresh beer, the technology available for business meetings and conferences, all of this in one big center.

But be careful: this is a preview to let you know and get prepared to our big news. Much has been done but there is still a lot to do (but not so much). So, stay tuned and get ready for future updates on our Flea Universe Blog!

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