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Christmas holidays are just around the corner and we have many ideas to guarantee you special presents! Visi tour website and choose your gifts!

Flea Noel is our Amber Ale made exclusively for Christmas as a limited edition. It si available in the 75 and 150 cl formats. High fermentation, refermented in the bottle, it is not pasteurized and it is produced in Italy. Everyone will congratulate you at Christmas lunch or dinner. Plus our panettone with craft beer filling cannot miss on the table. You can have it with trebbioti, crunchy biscuits prepared with threshers, that is the residue of the hot extraction of the malted cereal. They are available both in the salty “Federico II” which are great for happy hour and in the sweet “Costanza” format for tea break. Also our Ma.Ma. beer dresses up with the 150 cl Magnum format and the Ma.Ma. Great Winter 75 cl. The latter is also available in the gift format together with two “sestriere” glasses.

Your gift this year will not be like any other, but it will be a tribute to our wonderful region, its ingredients, the barley from our farm and the pure waters of Gualdo Tadino. You will give a piece of Umbria, a piece of Italy that loves nature and respects it every day. The best combination? Of course with the people you love and that you will spend the holidays with!

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