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Challenges are an integral part of each one of us, of our paths, of our personality, of our desire to overcome physical and mental limits. Thus, exactly one year after the start-up of the Birra Flea production plant, the brewery launch a new path, a new sector, a new challenge.

The primary intent of Birra Flea has always been to be known and catch the HO.RE.CA. sector, an acronym for Hotel – Restaurant – Cafè, a specific market only dedicated to certain places. However, observing the good sales trend of the beers produced by our brewery for third parties, exactly one year after the ribbon cutting, Matteo decides to create a beer designed exclusively for best supermarkets. We mean the large-scale retail trade, that has started to be important for some years, not only related to the commonly known industrial beers, but also for various Italian craft beers. The above mentioned craft breweries, which are basically new in this large-scale distribution world, differ from industrial counterparts both in the raw materials used and in the lack of the filtration process; the result is a raw beer, a live beer that maintains all the organoleptic properties.

The raw materials used for this new line have never been a limit; the water and barley that we have extensively talked about in our articles are gifts from Mother Nature and our luxuriant land. The point to consider was related to the quantity of bottles that could be produced in a year with the current plant. Despite this, due to our constant desire to satisfy an wider range of consumers, the Ownership decides to debut with its new craft beer dedicated to the large-scale distribution world. A line with a simpler, more drinkable recipe, for the universal consumer and that satisfies both the fine and the uninitiated palates, for attentive tasters or fleeting consumers; in this respect, a beer that satisfies everyone, made with the same excellent raw materials as Flea. Craft Beer Ma.Ma. was born in 2014 and bears a name that reminds us to our land, our raw materials and our production, and which is related to two small protagonists who, like beer itself, were just born: the children of Matteo and Maria Cristina. Therefore Birra Ma.Ma., an acronym for their first names: Matilde and Mattia Sergio.

The label is also an integral part of the universality that we wanted to show through in this line. Simple, immediate and colorful graphics, no frills. It is initially produced in the canonical three types: Blonde (Chiara), Red (Rossa) and IPA: Chiara is a beer with a light yellow color, a fresh, balanced and persistent bitter taste, a contained alcohol content, which expresses its characteristics in combination with pizza, appetizers, delicate cheeses and with raw meat or fish. Rossa is slightly more intense, amber double malt with an intense, dry, slightly bitter taste and with a caramel aftertaste, perfect in combination with second courses of meat, cold cuts and aged cheeses. The IPA, the most particular, is also double malt, with an intense, dry, basically bitter taste and with a herbaceous aftertaste given by the use of selected aromatic hops in the recipe, ideal with risotto, second courses of white meat, chicken, game and grilled vegetables.

The debut of Ma.Ma. was immediately followed by a great success that, over the years, has pushed Birra Flea to create two other classic and appreciated types: the Weiss and the Gluten Free. The latter, born from the need to satisfy celiacs in order to give them a good glass of beer, is specifically formulated for people intolerant to gluten, having a content of less than 20ppm. Despite the name, it will be like drinking a good light, fruity light beer, with a pleasant, balanced and persistent bitterness, which make it worthy replaced in the aperitifs of prosecco. Finally the Weiss, a spice white beer with a fresh, slightly acidic taste, very fruity and not very bitter. We recommend it in combination with white meats, cold cuts, fresh and aged cheeses. To try in aperitifs.

Ma.Ma. beer, initially produced in the 75 cl size only, these days is released in the 33cl size accompanied by an important re-branding and an attractive packaging. So, in addition to having an excellent and competitive price, it’s also a good-looking product, in order to accompany a colored table in this period where color can only be good for us and give a little joy to our days. That’s not all, with a limited special event to celebrate these great and colorful news, you can buy a 6-piece mixed carton directly from our e-commerce and try them all!


Our current partner in China for MA.MA. brand is:

EUT (Tianjin) Agricultural Science & Technology Co., Ltd
708 Building B, Xiangnian Plaza, Dongjiang Street, Hexi 

District, Tianjin, China 

Attn : Ms Zhou Yan 

Office: +86 2281314062 

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