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In the world of adults, good occasions are often celebrated over a bottle of craft beer. Flea was born for this very reason, to share moments of smiles and happiness. But how do kids see all this? To answer this question, thanks to the intuition of the art history teacher of the “Franco Storelli” secondary school, Monica Bozzi and Maria Cristina Cocchi, on behalf of the Flea brewery, we have launched a competition. But not to highlight the alcoholic product itself. As you know, we love creativity, inventiveness, originality. This brought to: “Birra FleArt Bollicine di Fantasia“! So we asked to the kids of the “Franco Storelli” secondary school in Gualdo Tadino to hand draw Flea beer labels. The result was simply extraordinary!

As in any self-respecting competition, even Birra FleArt needed a jury. This was made of: Maria Cristina Cocchi (research and development of Birra Flea), Giovanni Biscontini (graphic designer of Birra Flea), Monica Bozzi (professor of art history at the “Franco Storelli” secondary school) , Barbara Bucari (Gualdo Tadino’s councilor for school, tourism, welfare and culture), Caterina Calabresi (professor of art history at the “Raffaele Casimiri” Institute of Higher Education, laboratory manager and department coordinator) and Fabrizio Bisciaio (Director of the Comprehensive Gualdo Tadino Institute).

After admiring over 150 works of art, we came to a ranking of ten positions.

Samuele, Alice, Giacomo. Greta, Ludovica, Gioiele – from all classes of the Institute – arrived between the tenth and fourth place, winning a kit with all the material needed to draw, offered by Birra Flea.

Chiara won third place and received a € 50 voucher to spend at the Gualdo Tadino shops that joined the initiative. The same voucher, but worth 100 euros, was awarded to Desideria, second place.

And the winner? Or rather, the winners? Yes, because there were two wonderful labels that both deserved to win, so we rewarded both Martina Valentini and Paolo Guidubaldi. The two winners won a voucher worth 150 euros each and their two designs will be used for two collectible labels: 250 bottles of Birra Flea blanche and the same number for Birra Ma.Ma Ipa. They will be on sale from Tuesday 23 March 2021 on our e-commerce and at the Birra Flea logistics office in via Madre Teresa di Calcutta SNC. To take them home you can also text us on WhatsApp at 0759108159 and then pick them up at our warehouse.

Each bottle of this precious limited edition will cost 8 euros per piece. An original and unconventional Easter gift. The proceeds from the sale will go to the “Franco Storelli” secondary school. This is an alternative and genuine way to help a school in our area in this particularly difficult historical moment.

Let’s not forget the special mentions: one dedicated to Sara, who combined the art of drawing with poetry, creating a beautiful rhyme on her label. And the other to Marko, who thanks to the use of a mixed technique, has made his work acquire a deep artistic value.

Our satisfaction for the excellent success of this project is total. Not only were we able to enhance a wonderful subject as history of art is, but we also made the children express their idea of ​​a world that is usually distant from them. They did it all without graphic programs, but by hand, enhancing their creativity. They rediscovered the beauty of creating artisanal works that will end up directly on the market, like Birra Flea has been doing for years.

Love for our territory, for our ingredients, but without giving up the personality that lies behind every single product. This is the philosophy of Birra Flea that we hope to have passed on to the young people who had the pleasure of participating.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much! ”

Thank you so much!

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