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We know that this year it won’t be a Christmas like any other. We all can’t wait to see our family and friends after a long time and hug them all. But we can’t. Of course, we can always rely on those messaging apps and video calls, but it would never be the same.

At this point, there are two ways we can experience these holidays. The first one: we can complain, we can say it’s unfair and get mad at the whole world. It’s probably a great way to let off steam, but nothing more. We would not find any solution.

The second possibility is to roll up our sleeves and try to get the best of this Christmas. It can still be a nice one, also in total respect of the rules. To make a difference we need to bring to our table something that represents all the love we would send with hugs. An Italian, artisanal love that comes from our territory: Birra Flea.

What makes us unique is simple as that: we are not just bottles or beers. We are family. We do our best to take care of ourself and help others. We are lucky enough to be born in the enchanting heart of Italy and we want to let the whole world discover Gualdo Tadino and its magic.

Our goal this Christmas is for you to be close to your friends and show all your love while physically distant. Let’s all wait to go back to hug each other. We don’t know when it will happen, but we are sure it will be beautiful.

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