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Recycling, re-use, respect. These are the key values of the new project carried out by Birra Flea and Ecosuntek S.p.a., leading companies in raising awareness on eco-sustainable issues. The project presentation took place on Tuesday Septembre 15 at 11:30 AM in the council chamber of Gualdo Tadino Municipality. Matteo Minelli, Chief Executive of Ecosuntek S.p.a. and founder of Birra Flea, was there along with the Mayor of Gualdo Tadino Massimiliano Presciutti, the school principal Fabrizio Bisciaio and Sister Maria Pamela.

The following schools started the year with these values in mind, in respect of the environment we live in: the state primary schools “Domenico Tittarelli”, “Cartiere”, “Gianni Rodari” of Cerqueto, “Otello Sordi” of San Rocco, “San Pellegrino”, the secondary school “Franco Storelli” and the primary institute “Bambin Gesù”. The students, ATA staff and teachers received as a gift a 330 ml water bottle strictly made of aluminum, an infinitely reusable material. Moreover, a refined and chilled natural water dispenser has been installed in each school.

“We have installed 9 dispensers and donated over 1.100 water bottles. We are concretely focusing on the youngest for a cleaner world and also to revive the economy. We need young people trained in every area” underlined the Chief Executive of Ecosuntek Spa Matteo Minelli.

“Our hope is that the importance of these issues reaches families through the children of the schools in order to build a better world. A great push on these issues must start from the new generations ” declared the mayor of Gualdo Tadino.

“We like the spirit of this project and we hope it will expand more and more” added the manager Fabrizio Bisciaio.

“We are very happy to participate too. We want to educate children to respect the environment, to reuse objects and to recycle. This virtuous project will create the men of tomorrow” concluded Sister Maria Pamela of the Bambin Gesù Institute.

Following the success of the campus organized last summer, Ecosuntek S.p.a. and Birra Flea focus again on the little ones who will get to learn the three Rs rule: recycle, re-use, respect.

There is no better way to understand that just as we take care of our own health, we must take care of our earth, because that’s everyone’s home.

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