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Flea Universe is in constant motion. The quest for new ideas, spaces, intuitions is never ending. From now on unstoppable energy will always be at hand. The power of our universe will flow in your bag, in your backpack, even in your pocket. It will be a force that takes the best of our tradition: naturalness, sustainability, craftsmanship. At the same time, it is a force that continuously reinvents itself, just like Flea Universe, ranging from beer to renewable energy, from dairy products to cosmetics. It is an authentic microcosm born from the idea of a young entrepreneur. Being great does not mean to always stay the same, it means improving and refining yourself to reach unexplored flavours.

Like a Big Bang, Alba, Eclisse and Supernova make their debut. Alba, our Blonde Ale, welcomes you to this new galaxy. Refreshing and lively, it will come along every time you need to start over. No judgment, no pressure. It will be just you, at the starting block of a new challenge.


Eclisse, India Pale Ale, is engaging and dynamic, it is intended to enhance moments of freedom. When you will want to reveal or eclipse yourself, totally or partially. When you will want to appear bright and sunny or extravagant and lunar. We intend to nourish your spontaneity that is precious.


Finally Supernova, Imperial Red Ale, passionate and stimulating, it will give you those thrills that will burn along with your imagination. Everything that expresses your personality will be enhanced, be it a sudden explosion like the intuition for a beautiful photo or a long process like the writing of a novel.

As our history shows, the respect for natural balances is the basis of our mission. Our brewery is completely eco-friendly like the entire production process, which begins with the water flowing from its natural source in Gualdo Tadino. The new cans are made according to the same philosophy: the format is sleek 33 CL in recyclable aluminum and BPA-NI, that is, not intentionally made with BPA or other bisphenol compounds. Big Bang Beers can be ordered exclusively in packs of 12 or multiples, made from 100% recyclable cardboard.

Alba, Eclisse and Supernova are made to listen to your soul. Whoever you want to be, whatever you want to do, we will be there with you. Flea cans will be available from September 2020. This is just the beginning, further news are on the horizon, proof that our Universe knows no bundaries.

Visit our website to become part of our Universe and follow our Facebook and Instagram account for all updates.

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