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Aperitif in the living room?

Romantic dinner in the kitchen?

Or after dinner on the porch?

Whatever your plans are, Birra Flea has got you covered. It goes without saying that we all miss the nights out, surrounded by friends and holding a pint, but staying home does not necessarily mean giving up on all this! On the contrary, we can take advantage of the time we’ve got and spend it with our family. We can also have fun experimenting in the kitchen with first or second courses, or home-made happy hour.
But what to drink?

Here our brand new FLEA KITS come into play: your favorite Italian craft beers and fantastic gadgets!

If you’re seeking for pub or restaurant vibes at home, give a look at the “Come al bar” and “Degusto con gusto” kits. If you are hosting a fancy dinner, we suggest you the “Serata romantica” and “Tra amici” kits. If you are passionate about our cans or want to try them for the first time, “Uni verso gli altri” is the kit for you. Do you also want to wear Flea? We have what you are looking for: “Bere con stile” is the kit that includes a hat and a t-shirt.

Have you ever tried Sans Papiers: the world’s first craft beer created from air? There are 3 kits designed for those who want to experience this revolutionary flavor. “Atmosfera familiare” includes 6 bottles and 6 coasters. With “Aria di festa” you take home 3 bottles, 6 glasses and 6 coasters. “Vento di cambiamento” in addition to 6 bottles also includes a beautiful t-shirt.

Can’t you live without Ma.Ma. beer, our beer for large-scale distribution? “L’inverno è arrivato” includes 6 bottles of Ma.Ma. Great Winter and 6 glasses.

What are you waiting for?

Choose the kit you prefer and enjoy your favorite craft beer at home!


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