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A symbol of Mediterranean diet par excellence? A dish that no one in the world can resist? A food rich in fiber and carbohydrates that is symbol of our Italian spirit?
Tasty, nutritious and versatile: PASTA makes everybody happy, from older to younger people.
On October 25th a World Day has been established in order to celebrate everyone’s favorite food!

When it comes to combining beer with food, the first thing that pops up in our mind is pizza. Because as Italians, we know very well that they make a fantastic combination, proven to succeed every single time. But our cuisine is not limited to the typical Neapolitan dish that made us known all over the world. For example, how about beer and pasta? For some of you it might sound unusual, but not for us. Thanks to the encounter between the renowned waters of Gualdo Tadino and the best malts produced and selected within our farm, Birra Flea makes a fantastic match with pasta!

First, you must think about how to combine beer with the sauce. The beer’s yeast, in fact, will always bring out pasta’s grainy texture. But we need to consider different types of beer considering how many sauces can be made.


Genoa and pesto have now become synonyms. This sauce, thanks to its unmistakable flavor, has spread throughout Italy. Its original recipe with basil and green beans, however, is made in its best version under the lantern that greets those arriving and those leaving from the ancient port.

A pasta like this requires a beer with a fresh, clean and round aftertaste, slightly hopped with no hop aroma, characterized by a slightly persistent acidic note. In short, it goes best with our Weiss: Margherita.



All Italians love those succulent layers of pasta and meat. Each region has its own version. In Campania they use mozzarella or provola cheese, in Emilia Romagna the typical Bolognese sauce, in Sicily bechamel and fried meat.

The perfect combination is with our Violante (Belgian Strong Ale). Thanks to its intense taste, it tends to be bitter, with a caramelized aftertaste, it creates a perfect balance with what is considered by many the grandma’s dish.



In our Umbria it is a must, one of those dishes to fall in love with and that can be found on the table of many families at Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

The fresh taste of Bianca Lancia (Blanche) and its slightly acidic and very fruity note make it the perfect beer for cappelletti, to best enhance this ancient traditional recipe.



We conclude this short (but intense) gastronomic tour with a typical pasta of Roman cuisine: arrabbiata sauce. Particularly spicy, this specialty is made with penne rigate, peeled tomatoes, garlic, abundant chilli, parsley, salt, extra virgin olive oil.

The perfect pairing with the spiciness of the Arrabbiata can only be with the bitterness of our Federico II Extra (India Pale Ale). The aromatic notes and the herbaceous aftertaste given by the use of selected hops will enhance this paste like no other beer.


Now all you have to do is to try them all!

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