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Nature is transformed with leaves changing their color, days are getting shorter and temperatures drop day by day. After summer excitment and heat, it is time for the autumn quiteness to finally take place.

Being wrapped in a blanket during a cold night, watching a TV show in front of the fireplace is a very hard feeling to put into words. There is nothing better than enjoying the moment holding a good craft beer in hand. It is in this picture, almost romantic and certainly satisfying, that the new season opens up for us.

One thing we love about craft beer is that every time of the year has a most suited types. The reasons may be different: the organoleptic features, the alcohol content, one’s taste, the dishes to combine.

In autumn, salads and cold dishes leave room for warm, rich and tasty dishes. In the same way, the flavor of the beers changes: more full-bodied and intense styles take over for light and drinkable beers.

And that is why we have prepared a selection of beers that will help you get through next season in the best possible way! Each style is characterized by the following characteristics: unfiltered, unpasteurized, top-fermented beer and refermented in the bottle; compact, creamy and adherent foam.



Our first advice points at our IPA (India Pale Ale), with a coppery color, double malt, produced with 100% barley malt.

Its flavor is captivating and with autumn aromas: hoppy, with aromatic notes and herbaceous aftertaste given by the use of selected hops and “dry hopping”.

All this blends into a pleasant contrast of flavors when accompanied by grilled meats, dried fruit and aged cheeses. It is an unexpectedly great match with desserts such as cheesecake, crème brûlée or carrot cake.



Perhaps because its color reminds us the leaves in this period, perhaps because of its caramel and warm tones, our Imperial Red Ale is perfect for the upcoming cold evenings.

With a dark amber color tending to red and a strong alcoholic content (6.9% vol.), it is perfect for those who do not always want to fall back on the classic refreshing blonde, which we usually drink in one sip when caught in the summer heat.

With an intense, dry, slightly bitter taste and with a caramel and hazelnut aftertaste given by the use of special malts, it goes perfectly with first courses rich in flavor, second courses based on red meat, game meat and even chocolate-based desserts.



Thanks to its alcohol content (8.0% vol.) it is great to warm the autumn evenings that separate us from the sparkling Christmas atmosphere.

Belgian Strong Ale with an intense yellow color, pure malt, produced with 100% barley malt, with a strong taste, generally bitter and with caramel aftertaste.

The first cold takes us to this style because it is more full-bodied, which gives its best on the table with first courses with a strong flavor and second courses based on red meats, game meat, mushrooms, pork shank and cheeses.



For experimentation lovers, for the most curious palates and for those who love to be surprised: what better choice than a Smoked Beer?

Pure malt amber beer produced with 100% barley malt with an important aromatic profile, smoky notes, dry, slightly bitter and with a caramel and hazelnut aftertaste. To be served with aged cheeses, smoked fish and pork shank.


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