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The International Food Standard (IFS) is a common food safety standard with a uniform evaluation system used to qualify and select suppliers. It helps retailers ensure the food safety of their products and monitors the quality level of producers of retailer branded food products.

The standard is recognized both in Europe and worldwide.

Flea Società Agricola a r.l. was born in 2013 as a company engaged in the production of craft beer. In a few years it has become a concrete reality where tradition meets modernity, the genuineness of raw materials combined with the highest standards of productive innovation.

The malts we use come from the barley grown and harvested in the family farm, giving Flea Brewery a distinctive, important and transparent feature: the short food supply chain, at the foundation of the company’s commercial success.

To this end, in addition to the implementation of quality systems, the governance has decided to adhere to the Client’s voluntary standards through the IFS guidelines, whose application allows all production processes to be under control.

Flea governance is committed to ensure that the food safety management system, starting from the planning of all activities, allows an economically compatible business management and leads to a continuous improvement of the efficiency of processes and safety as well as the quality of food products.

In order to achieve the satisfaction of the customer, either a commercial distributor or the final consumer of the product, the company focuses on the following aspects:

  • To strengthen the technical and organizational skills of production in synergy with all other processes;
  • To guarantee the salubrity and qualitative consistency of the product by directly following the entire production chain;
  • To reduce waste and inefficiencies;
  • To ensure a safe, comfortable and healthy environment for our workers, by implementing all the prevention, containment and sanitation measures indicated by the health authorities;
  • To achieve maximum integration and customer loyalty, producing beers that, thanks to their quality and reliability, to meet consumer satisfaction;
  • To involve all operators, raw materials suppliers and services in the food defense of the company;
  • To make products that are safe, legally compliant, authentic and compliant with customers’ requirements and ours.

Taking account of the objectives above, the company will:

  • Adopt and make the best use of methodologies for the quality of products and processes and food safety, according to the IFS standard;
  • Ensure that the quality policy is supported at all levels of the company organization so that all its employees, are aware of the relevance of their behavior for the achievement of company objectives and customer satisfaction;
  • Provide the necessary resources in order to achieve the objectives listed above;
  • Plan, coordinate, control information, programs, work activities;
  • Raise awareness and train our staff on health and hygiene matters, implementing procedures and behaviors to avoid contamination from outside and inside the workplace, among workers themselves, as well as adopting internal regulations regarding the methods of working performance;
  • Periodically test the quality system and other related systems

Flea Società Agricola a r.l., through the direct involvement of management figures, promotes respect for people dignity and freedom at every level, regardless of gender, religious faith and social class.

Flea Società Agricola a r.l., recognizes the management of the environment as one of the main business priorities, consequently it undertakes to manage the plants, taking into account:

  • An efficient use of energy and materials;
  • To develop and promote the replacement of fossil energies with renewable resources, both inside and outside the company;
  • To reduce the possible production of waste everywhere;
  • To install systems and machinery and use proper materials in contact with food and that are produced with harmless materials for the consumer health, as well as reducing the environmental impact.

Flea Agricultural Company a r.l. undertakes to disseminate the environmental policy to all company levels.

Gualdo Tadino, 20/09/2020

Minelli Matteo