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Who was Costanza? Frederick II’s mother, Constance of Hauteville, was celebrated by Dante as “the great Costanza, who from the Swabians’ second gust engendered the one who was their third and final power”. Dante underlined her resoluteness on the political scene but also her refinement. She was Queen of Sicily from 1194 to 1198. However Costanza was also the name of the first Frederick’s wife: she was the eldest daughter of Alfonso II of Aragon and the first wife of Emperor Frederick II. In 1209, on the occasion of the marriage, she was crowned “Queen of Sicily”. Therefore, our beer Costanza was created to celebrate the two Queens.
Birra Artigianale Flea

Costanza - Blonde Ale

Pure malt ale, brewed with 100% barley malt. Costanza has a fresh taste, it is slightly fruity and bitter, with a thick, creamy and adherent head. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, top-fermented and second fermentation in the bottle.

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Water of Gualdo Tadino, barley malt, hops and yeasts.

Natural yeast sediment at the bottom of the bottle is an indicator of its craftsmanship.


Features and recognition


Available formats
  • Glass bottle 75 cl., 33 cl., 150 cl.
  • Plastic keg 15 lt., 20 lt.
Beer measurement
  • Degrees Plato (°P) 12,5
  • Alcohol content5,2% vol.
  • Serving temperature 6-8° C.
  • Degrees IBU 25
We recommend serving Costanza cold in a “Strong” stemmed beer glass.
Suggested food pairings: Costanza’s flavor is exalted when combined with fried fish, roast chicken, goat cheese, not too rich salami and grilled vegetables.